Friday, December 18, 2009

First Married Christmas: Cards!

I'm hoping that most of you have received your Christmas cards from us by now...and if you haven't--my apologies!

I realized about half way through the process that this project was becoming wedding invitation scale...and I didn't have the time or the cash money to do that. (but Paper Source was calling my name)
SO I chopped the list after sending out approximately 55 Christmas cards. yipes.

I took a lovely shopping trip with a friend, Kylee, to Paper Source last month.  It's the first time I've been to the store and i was in love!  I spent a bit more money than planned but also got some supplies that will last me a while!

Cherry Blossom and Merry Christmas stamps from Paper Source
3 10 packs of khaki cover weight paper
6 10 packs of red envelopes
1 roll + 1 sheet of wrapping paper
70 4 x 6 collage photo prints, trimmed to 4 x 5.4
red ink pad
glue stick
homemade envelope liner template

And yes, i realize that a couple's first Christmas cards are a prime place to show off all those wonderful wedding portraits...but we also went to Italy this year and we wanted to include both!

[By the way, if you're really interested in seeing all of our wedding and honeymoon photos you may have to come and visit in about 3 months when I have the albums finished!]

As I was stamping, gluing and cutting, (and Eric was studying)


I watched some Christmas classics [any guesses?]

And here are the results!





Even on this blog, got to protect the privacy. :-)


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  1. Hi There!

    Love the Christmas cards and I admire your ability to handmake them the same year you got married. It's more than I could do!

    Thanks for entering my Etsy shop giveaway! You're the winner! Please let me know which piece you'd like and what your address is by emailing me at newyorkgirl711 {at} pobox {dot} com. If you're quick, I'll get it out to you before we leave town on Monday. Otherwise, I'll mail it first thing after the holidays!

    Thanks again for entering and have a great Christmas!



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