Wednesday, December 16, 2009

First Married Christmas: Baking!

I have so much more to post about when I have a camera!

Between borrowing a camera from work over the weekend, and finding Eric's old camera...we're making do (for now. a camera is still on my Christmas list!)

Last week I had two seminary wives over, Kelli (from DeMotte, IN!) and Rosanna(from Alberta/B.C. Canada) to do some christmas baking.

We had a blast and make dozens and dozens of goodies in 5 hours.

butter cookies:

kelli loved making them with the cookie shooter from Gram


While Rosanna worked on the gingersnaps. Oh heart. I love gingersnaps. Crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside. Spice enough to woo a girl. yummo.



And here's what my kitchen looked like all night:



coconut balls, fannie mae mint bards, almond bars, cookies.  We had quite the spread!

disclaimer: this was taken after 11pm on a work night...after 5 hours of baking. The b&w will soften the blow.


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  1. Hey Katie, I have been following you on indecisive bride and i love hearing about another newlywed learning to decorate and entertain, going through the same thing! We host some church groups at our home too, so fun! Anywho, just thought I would let you know your house looks great and i like hearing about the newlyweds!


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