Tuesday, December 21, 2010

An Update: 2010

Well since I directed everyone here on our Christmas postcards, I thought I better do a 2010 recap in case you were hoping for a little more of an update!
(I should also do a better job of posting in general...)

This year was a year of settling (after last year was a lot of change and transition for us)

  • I feel totally at home in California now (obviously, Eric is happy here) :-) We've started to put more things up on the walls in the house and feel more comfortable there.
  • I've gotten settled into my job better, and this spring started doing some recruitment travel.  So far I've only done recruiting to the midwest (IL and MI), but that's fine with me as I get to see family and friends! It's a fun change of pace to my normal routine. (I will travel 4-5 times a year)
  • I started gardening and am still figuring a lot of things out about the soil, California weather, and plants. I recently planted a winter garden, which I'll blog about soon. (So fun to grow things Dec-Feb!)
  • We've made some really good friends from the seminary--two couples from the south! We tease each other about our accents and vocabulary, have games nights, dinners and bonfires.
  • I still enjoy cooking, but have done less in the last few months with a really busy schedule.
  • We spent a week in Colorado this summer at a family reunion with the Klunders.
  • We're still involved in our church's youth group that meets weekly all year.  Eric's teaching 9th grade catechism as well.  Eric was also asked to speak at the winter retreat of the regional youth groups this coming February.
We hope this finds all of our loved ones well, and hope to stay in touch with you one way or the other throughout the year!

Eric & Katie

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A bookclub

Last summer, with E so busy studying, I decided to pick up reading again and just grabbed something that looked interesting off his bookshelf: The Age of Innocence. So I brought it to work to read on my lunch break.

Barb, a co-worker joined me in the lunch room a few minutes later and commented that she had just began reading the same book, so we started chatting about it.
Then another co-worker joined us, and was curious about our book discussion. It turns out he is extremely well-read, and had read Age of Innocence several times.

We started discussing our progress in the book regularly at lunches, and when we finished the first book, I mentioned that I thought it was time I finally started reading Harry Potter (since it is one of my husband's favorite book series).

We all agreed to read the together--although Dan(the 2nd co-worker) had already read them several times. After discussing the books gradually at lunches, we decided to have an official meeting to discuss the whole series.

And that is how our book club began!

Each of us takes a turn picking out a book and leads the discussion. We usually hold our meetings at each other's houses.I've been really enjoying the variety of books that have been chosen.

Since we started last July, we added another member--the wife of faculty member who is also an avid reader.

Here are some of the other books we've gone through so far:

I've grown a lot as a reader and as a person through discussing novels with this group. I would highly recommend finding a few other avid reader you look up to and forming a club of your own!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bomb Factory in town

Lots of excitement going on in Esco today.

A guy was making bombs in his home in town(which is just around the corner from our Saturday morning coffee shop and my usual grocery store.) It was reported that it was the largest amount of bomb-making material ever found in the US.

I took this picture of the street on Saturday on my way to coffee

Last week they detonated a few of the bombs (and shut down a major freeway for half the morning).

Today they're doing a controlled burning of the house because of the explosives they believe to be inside.

We're going to follow it live here: http://www.signonsandiego.com/bomb-house/

we're not in any danger, but it's definitely been the excitement of the week.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Departure of the Deciduous

I come bearing sad news.  Or, rather, you have arrived to read my sad news.

This weekend we had to say goodbye to one of my favorite things about the house we're renting: our big backyard tree

Our landlord had arranged to have someone trim it over the weekend and when he stopped by after the trimming he realized that 1. the trimmers had butchered the tree (chopped off the top and left the low hanging side branches that were supposed to be removed) and 2. the tree's trunk disease had gotten bad enough that its large branches would like fall and could do some real damage.

So he called us while we were both out on Saturday and let us know it had to go.




I'm trying to look on the bright side (literally--there much more sunlight in our house, and a chance for grass to grow again) but this morning it looked no less sad and lonely.

I'm not sure anything's going to be done about the stump for a while--does anyone have suggestions about how I could make it a little less ugly? (a pot with a hanging plant?)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Theatre with Jane Gray and Allan

Every summer San Diego has a Summer Shakespeare Festival at the Lowell Davies Theatre in Balboa Park.  It's outdoors!  We saw The Taming of the Shrew earlier in the summer with Eric's family.  Last week we took Allan and Jane Gray to see The Madness of King George III.

It's not a Shakespeare play, but it was set in the same time and place as a book I recently read for my book club (Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire), so I was interested in seeing it.

Then two weeks before we wanted to go, I got an email from the media director for the theater that the tickets had gone down in price to $10 (usually $50, or $20 if you are 30 yrs old or younger).  SO we snatched them up.


After a hectic day with work and school (Jane Gray got a job!), it was nice to take a break and enjoy the show.
Right after this photo we got reprimanded for taking pictures!

We enjoyed walking through the gardens in Balboa park and sipping hot chocolate in the intermission.


Fun night with friends!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

In the Kitchen with Katie: the latest

Here is a large photo dump of the food I've been making lately, with a few recipe links:

Baked Citrus Cod on a bed of roasted tomatoes and potatoes

img 279

Peach Crisp

Ryans last meal before going back to college:
Ribs, Corn on the cob, corn muffins, potatoes




Chicken in a gorgonzola sauce
img 312
img 314

Zucchini Cupcake (shown without cream cheese frosting)
img 326

And lastly, some garden produce.
I think my garden got it's second wind.  Suddenly my zucchini and peppers started blooming again this week!
img 271

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pizza Night: Girl's Style

A couple of weeks ago, Carly, Dyan, Adrienne and I got together for our monthly-ish girls night. Typically we split up the food prep and drinks and enjoy them at Thomas and Adrienne's house.

This week we decided to try our hands at some homemade, gourmet pizza. Both Eric's dad and a bookclub member have fig trees, so we have an abundant supply this time of year. We picked a recipe that involved figs, and attempted to recreate an herb potato pizza I had at Leucadia Pizzeria in the spring.

I picked up two balls of pre-made pizza dough (wheat and regular) at a market.  img 297
img 298
Carly and I tossed and stretched like pros and then set the pizzas on boards covered in cornmeal.

Adrienne started sauteing the potatoes and I carmelized a sliced red onion.
img 295
img 294

carly spread the oil and we topped
img 302

Dyan chopped all the herbs!

img 299
img 301
img 303

And the yummy result:
img 304
img 306

We ended the night with homemade salted caramel ice cream. delightful.
img 307

Here are the recipes we used:

Fig, Onion Goat Cheese
Sage Rosemary Potato

Monday, August 23, 2010

My new friend Jane Gray has had much more time to update her blog, so I'm going to direct you over there to keep up with some more of our July fun.

A Morning at Vista Market
Wine and Cheese Game Night

(if you stop by, makes sure to comment and say hello!)

We went to the Klunder Reunion in Colorado a couple weeks ago, and you can check out our photos of it here:

As of yesterday Eric completed his summer-long internship in Chino.  While the busyness doesn't seem to stop, we're relieved to have completed the internship and to get back into our normal schedule when school starts up.

But these next two weeks are some of my busiest at work (WSC has their biggest incoming masters class in 30 years!), and Eric is preparing to preach at a church in LA this Sunday, and speak a youth group conference in Big Bear over Labor Day weekend.

Also, we have a roommate moving into our garage apartment before school this year.  He's one of Eric's friends from school and since he spends every weekend up in LA, I think it will be an easy transition for us.

Can hardly believe September is a week away!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Summer Update: Anniversary

It's been one month since my last post so I couldn't wait a day longer.  Next month i'll have a lot more interesting things to post about!

Eric is over halfway through his summer internship which takes him away 4 days and 2 nights per week.
I'll try to update everyone one what else has been keep us occupied this summer.

We went away for a weekend for our 1st anniversary
What a difference a year makes (not much)
Happy as ever!

we stayed here:


in this room:


Swam in this pool:

and relaxed...
for not nearly long enough.

It was roasting hot, but we hiked to a waterfall and soothed our tired toes.





We toasted our anniversary with some Chianti from the Chianti region in Italy.  The last of our 'souvenirs' from the honeymoon!


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