Wednesday, July 29, 2009

new Knife--FAIL

Last night I excitedly opened the knife set we purchased off our registry with wedding money.

We've been cutting everything from veggies to raw meat with butter knives for the last 3 weeks so I was pretty excited to have some sharp metal in my kitchen!

Unfortunately, I was a little over-zealous...and chopped off a nice chunk of my thumb whilst chopping the cabbage!

I made Eric run to CVS for neosporin and band aids, and he was happy to oblige to avoid the wound! (he and blood don't do well together)
I cleaned it, bandaged up and managed to successfully finish (a very sanitary) dinner!

Baked tilapia, roasted potatoes, and cabbage!

I won't share with you the grossness that is my open wound, but here's what it look like today at work:

I still cannot prove to Eric that I am a capable grown-up :-)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

We're here!

Welcome to our blog! We're just starting to get settled here, so posting may be sporadic, but I hope to recap our honeymoon and then share with you pictures and stories from our everyday life. Hopefully Eric will contribute every once in a while too :-)

Here is a photo from Eric and I's big trip to Costco, and the loot from Target on our kitchen floor. We won't mention the value of the products we've bought recently, but we are having fun stocking up the house, even if our wallets are hurting!

We've hit a different store everyday our first week-Target, Von's, Henry's produce market, Costco, and Bed Bath and Beyond!

Never knew how much we didn't have and needed!

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