Tuesday, December 21, 2010

An Update: 2010

Well since I directed everyone here on our Christmas postcards, I thought I better do a 2010 recap in case you were hoping for a little more of an update!
(I should also do a better job of posting in general...)

This year was a year of settling (after last year was a lot of change and transition for us)

  • I feel totally at home in California now (obviously, Eric is happy here) :-) We've started to put more things up on the walls in the house and feel more comfortable there.
  • I've gotten settled into my job better, and this spring started doing some recruitment travel.  So far I've only done recruiting to the midwest (IL and MI), but that's fine with me as I get to see family and friends! It's a fun change of pace to my normal routine. (I will travel 4-5 times a year)
  • I started gardening and am still figuring a lot of things out about the soil, California weather, and plants. I recently planted a winter garden, which I'll blog about soon. (So fun to grow things Dec-Feb!)
  • We've made some really good friends from the seminary--two couples from the south! We tease each other about our accents and vocabulary, have games nights, dinners and bonfires.
  • I still enjoy cooking, but have done less in the last few months with a really busy schedule.
  • We spent a week in Colorado this summer at a family reunion with the Klunders.
  • We're still involved in our church's youth group that meets weekly all year.  Eric's teaching 9th grade catechism as well.  Eric was also asked to speak at the winter retreat of the regional youth groups this coming February.
We hope this finds all of our loved ones well, and hope to stay in touch with you one way or the other throughout the year!

Eric & Katie

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A bookclub

Last summer, with E so busy studying, I decided to pick up reading again and just grabbed something that looked interesting off his bookshelf: The Age of Innocence. So I brought it to work to read on my lunch break.

Barb, a co-worker joined me in the lunch room a few minutes later and commented that she had just began reading the same book, so we started chatting about it.
Then another co-worker joined us, and was curious about our book discussion. It turns out he is extremely well-read, and had read Age of Innocence several times.

We started discussing our progress in the book regularly at lunches, and when we finished the first book, I mentioned that I thought it was time I finally started reading Harry Potter (since it is one of my husband's favorite book series).

We all agreed to read the together--although Dan(the 2nd co-worker) had already read them several times. After discussing the books gradually at lunches, we decided to have an official meeting to discuss the whole series.

And that is how our book club began!

Each of us takes a turn picking out a book and leads the discussion. We usually hold our meetings at each other's houses.I've been really enjoying the variety of books that have been chosen.

Since we started last July, we added another member--the wife of faculty member who is also an avid reader.

Here are some of the other books we've gone through so far:

I've grown a lot as a reader and as a person through discussing novels with this group. I would highly recommend finding a few other avid reader you look up to and forming a club of your own!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bomb Factory in town

Lots of excitement going on in Esco today.

A guy was making bombs in his home in town(which is just around the corner from our Saturday morning coffee shop and my usual grocery store.) It was reported that it was the largest amount of bomb-making material ever found in the US.

I took this picture of the street on Saturday on my way to coffee

Last week they detonated a few of the bombs (and shut down a major freeway for half the morning).

Today they're doing a controlled burning of the house because of the explosives they believe to be inside.

We're going to follow it live here: http://www.signonsandiego.com/bomb-house/

we're not in any danger, but it's definitely been the excitement of the week.
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