Wednesday, July 29, 2009

new Knife--FAIL

Last night I excitedly opened the knife set we purchased off our registry with wedding money.

We've been cutting everything from veggies to raw meat with butter knives for the last 3 weeks so I was pretty excited to have some sharp metal in my kitchen!

Unfortunately, I was a little over-zealous...and chopped off a nice chunk of my thumb whilst chopping the cabbage!

I made Eric run to CVS for neosporin and band aids, and he was happy to oblige to avoid the wound! (he and blood don't do well together)
I cleaned it, bandaged up and managed to successfully finish (a very sanitary) dinner!

Baked tilapia, roasted potatoes, and cabbage!

I won't share with you the grossness that is my open wound, but here's what it look like today at work:

I still cannot prove to Eric that I am a capable grown-up :-)


  1. OUCH!! That sounds painful. I hope you don't do that again.

  2. Katie - I did something so similar the second dinner that I cooked as a newlywed, except in my case it was the food processor, and I was taking the sharp part out to clean it. Nathan had to frantically search the apartment for band-aids - so funny! Hope you're enjoying married life.


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