Monday, October 5, 2009

Life update

It seems like school started (a month ago already!) and our lives made a sudden turn onto busy street.  I'm hoping we're finally settling into a schedule that sticks.
Here are a couple of the highlights from the last month!
  • Soon into the semester Eric and I realized that he was not going to be able to continue to work as well as fulfill the other responsibilities of class, internship, young peoples, he turned in his resignation to the travel agency he was working for.  This was a big relief for both of us, even though our wallets have tightened up a bit.  Eric is able to use that work time to accomplish other things and we're both feeling like we have a little more time for eachother.

  • We're continuing to lead young peoples on Wednesday nights and are enjoying it.  Eric gives the talk about once a month and is going though the book of John.  We're also studying Respectable Sins by Jerry Bridges and discussing them in small groups.  Myself and the wife of another seminary student have been leading the junior and senior girls and have enjoyed getting to know them.  (Eric has been leading the senior boys small group)

  • This weekend was the first session of a bi-weekly Saturday morning women's Bible study led by Mrs. Godfrey (the wife of the president of the seminary).  We're also studying a Jerry Bridges book, Growing Your Faith.  There are about 20 attending, mostly moms of young children, and older women.  I"m looking forward to it (And actually enjoying the motivation to get up at 8am on a Saturday!)

  • Eric and I are auditing the class "Theology of the Sacraments" at WSC and are learning a lot about the history of baptism (primarily) and the Lord's supper from the early church to present time.  It's been really interesting and enlightening so far, but we're both glad we don't have to write the 15-20 page paper at the end of the semester!  It's amazing how little I know about the sacraments after 21 years in the church.

  • We had a couple of Eric's friends from seminary over for dinner the week before last.  It wasn't a flawless dinner, but I think the guys appreciated a home-cooked meal, and it was fun having them over.  We're hoping to have a few seminary students and couples over for dinner this coming Sunday.  I love hostessing, but it still takes so much energy, and I'd really like our house to be in better shape before we make a habit of it.  Luckily, most of our friends are either poor sem. students or poor newlyweds, so they're not very judgmental :-)
Anyway, that's life for us right now!  I have a bunch of posts planned this week to catch up, than hopefully I can stay on top of it.

Also, this is a picture free post because last weekend, my camera fell off the desk in the kitchen and broke.  I can't get it to turn on at all.  I don't think it's worth fixing as it is almost 2.5 years old...unfortunately, our budget isn't allowing a replacement right now...and my picture-obsessed self is suffering (it broke not an hour before we had a grogeous double rainbow!)  Christmas idea....*hint hint*

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