Thursday, October 8, 2009

house update

We wish we had more money and time to spend making our house look homey, but for now we have to work with what we have. I'd like to start going to thrift stores/flea markets etc to fill in the gaps...our walls are looking so lonely and with some cooler weather finally coming in, and us looking towards spending a little more time indoors, I'm scouring the internet for cheap decorating ideas.

Here are a couple of our latest couple of projects:

I found a photo in a design book from the library that I'd like to somewhat model this shelving area after (with some modifications to make it less beachy and cluttered)


Here are our living rooms built-in shelves, previously loaded with books: (you saw a little of what it looked like before in this post)


We've got a long ways to go but it's so nice with the books gone!  We're thinking of blowing up a honeymoon photo for over the fireplace--any other ideas?

And here's where all the books went. (Billy bookcase system by Ikea...missing the corner brace in this shot)


Eric's study

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  1. Katie! I am so envious of your gorgeously huge corner bookshelf! It's awesome. We need something like that rather than our mix-n-match variety of smaller ones.
    Can't wait to come visit [soon-ish!] and see your house!


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