Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Hallowiener!

this past weekend Eric's mom invited us downtown to Balboa park for the annual dachshund halloween celebration: Hallowiener

halloweenie 2009 045

Pookie dressed up as a bee, though she refused to wear her antennae, and had fun playing with the other puppies (er, princesses, bananas, pirates and inmates)

We watched the puppy parade--here were some of the cutest costumes:

halloweenie 2009 053

halloweenie 2009 054

mailman...see the letters coming out of his pocket?
halloweenie 2009 057

halloweenie 2009 060

this little german boy..uh,puppy was too cute!
halloweenie 2009 071

halloweenie 2009 069

Some owners even dressed up to match their pooches:

halloweenie 2009 064

halloweenie 2009 066

halloweenie 2009 076

If there was an award to be had, [and I was the judge], these would be the two winners.

This girl made this catdog costume herself! And her dog wore it!
halloweenie 2009 063

This couple dressed their baby as a monkey and their puppies as bananas.
halloweenie 2009 074

But pookie didn't stay interested for long:
halloweenie 2009 073

We also found an adorable black long-haired dachshund that was up for adoption...and we're feeling a little bit sad that our landlords said no pets!

So, from the Chappells...

Happy Halloweenie!!

halloweenie 2009 047


  1. Pookie is too cute in her little bee costume! My dog, Bella, is the same way with hair accessories. She doesn't mind the clothes, but don't dare put a bow in her hair!

    Happy Hallowiener! :o)

  2. Thanks Katie. Also thanks for the contrast with our cold, overcast miserable weather. Thanks. Thanks very much.


  3. Such cute pictures! I love your blog!


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