Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Buon Giorno!

We have arrived safely, albeit tired, in Bollate – a northern suburb of Milan – where the Ferraris live.

Our apartment is wonderful! It’s a one-bedroom flat, but the bedroom serving as the study and our closet. The main room of the apartment is studio style with our bed (a fold out couch), a table, and kitchen (which came stocked with groceries, thanks to pastor’s wife, Christina) We share both rooms with lots of books (Pastor F has over 8,000!).

Some highlights, bullet-style
  • my first cooking experience in Milan. It took hours to air out the apartment. (In my defense, the toaster didn't automatically pop the bread up!) As Eric and I were have a frustrated discussion about it, we started violently waving towels around to get rid of the smoke, then promptly burst out laughing.
  • first thing googled: “How to use a bedet”
  • attempted to figure out internet using a pin drive with limited access (10 gb a month). We now know how much internet memory is used for each of our everyday. Limiting email refreshes, streaming and blogging unless we find a better solution.
  • thunder so loud I jumped in my chair at the table. It has been almost non-stop raining the past 36 hours.
Speaking of thunder, here’s a little video of today’s rain from our patio.

It’s nearly dinner time. Buona Sera from Bollate!

baci e abbracci,
Eric and Katie
(eh-reek and keh-ee-tee)

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