Sunday, June 12, 2011

Our digs

I wanted to take a video tour of the apartment, but haven't gotten there yet. Here are some of photos of our little place in Bollate that I took our first day here.  We live in the downtown area, across from an Italian shoe store and just a half block from one of the four local Gelaterias. :-)


The study/our closet

main room which serves as bedroom, living room, dining room and kitchen


Our place is about a 12 minute walk from the pastor's place, so we have taken advantage of the small calorie burn we get from that walk before and after dinner, but compared the amount we've been eating, it's not making a dent.

our front patio.

Tomorrow we are heading to Lake Como as our 'day away', so I'll share that and some photos of our first Sunday later this week.

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