Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lake Como

Tuesday we took our first 'day off' to explore Italy in the first week we were here. We kept it a little closer and headed about an hour north of Milan to Lake Como.

Bollate-Lake Como
(my first time attempting photostitch. It's not perfect, but it gives you an idea of the view)

Before we left, I didn't know much about the Lake, what there was to see or do, or how long we'd want to spend there. We just hopped on the train to see what we could find!



A rapid service ferry took us to the town of Bellagio, at the mid point of the lake. Its one of the larger lakeside towns to visit.



Needless to say, it is charming and the views were stunning. The lake is surrounded by mountains on both sides. We were there at the prime time so the weather was just gorgeous (but it was also not too busy on a weekday).

Here's a panorama video of what we were enjoying:


We ate pasta and seafood on the lakefront overlooking the water



and then went for a stroll

The day was too short, but it was certainly lovely.

Bellagio - Lake Como


(also for those wondering...the ferry did not take us past George Clooney's Lake Como home, sadly)

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  1. Wow! It did look like the perfect day for the trip. I LOVE the views. You must be just having the time of your life. Hope you both had a great time! =D


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