Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Well, the week is upon us! Eric and I leave on Thursday for NYC where we'll spend 4 days vacationing. Monday night we leave for Milan, arriving in the morning on Tuesday.
We'll be staying in a small apartment within walking distance of the pastor's family's house, which is in a suburb of Milan, about 25 minutes outside of the city. I have no idea how big it is, what the furnishing is like, and what we'll have - so it definitely feels like an adventure!

I've packed enough clothes for 30 days in one duffel bag. It feels like a massive accomplishment. Paring down to five pairs of shoes was a bit painful. Eric's hopefully spending today picking up his altered suit (wahoo weight loss!) and starting his packing.

Eric and I have started an introductory audio Italian course with Pimsleur to get a few words and phrases before we arrive. Lots to learn! Eric's preaching the first Sunday already so he's started looking over some commentaries on Colossians (and packing more), as he'll be preaching through the whole book in the 8 weeks (16 services).

Tonight we have an anniversary photo shoot (scheduled pre-Milan trip) with Anjuli. We've got haircuts and lawn mowing, holding the mail and paying bills and all the other things that happen with leaving for weeks. I have to work today and tomorrow, and then we're off!

Thank you all again for your support, encouragement, prayers and excitement for us as we get ready to serve the church in Milan. We appreciate your continued prayers for travel safety this week, and an ability to quickly adjust and settle in once we arrive. Grazie!

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