Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Year

For weeks before the holidays I had begun planning a big New Year's bash to top all others, hoping many of our local friends (that don't usually make plans) would be available.
Due to the busyness of the holidays, and my lack of foresight with the time I actually got the word out, most people we had planned on being guests had made plans elsewhere.

A few of our good friends were able to make it, though Thomas had to leave for work at 11:40pm.  We rang in the new year a bit early, but it was a good time!
We played Eric's new card game, Bang, and watched the countdown via you-tube from NYC's ball drop.  It was a laid-back New Years and Eric has finally convinced me that it is an over-rated holiday!  I do miss the New Year's Day family parties though!

The spread:

Bacon wrapped water chestnuts (pre-cooking)

cream cheese veggie rolls

mint chocolate dipped milanos and peppermint merinques



and friends:


What more could we ask for?

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  1. Delurking so you'll know you have readers. :) That spread looks so yummy, you're making my mouth water! Glad you had a good New Years'!


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