Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Christmas catchup and Gesch-ness.

Sorry I've been such a slacker.  But it's not until I stop writing on this blog that I actually find out there are people reading it!  I think I changed the commenting function to allow anyone to comment.  So I hope to hear from all you lurkers that read this!

Grammy and Gramps just left after visiting for a week.  We had a great time with them! I'll post about the week they were here once I'm caught up on the month of January.

The perfect end to our Christmas vacation was a couple of days spent with good friends.
We met up with the G-unit at Covenant OPC and headed up to WI for a couple days of fun in the snow.

Interestingly enough, Eric and Alex received the same gift for Christmas (both unrequested by them).  We spent the evening playing card games, eating and lounging:




The next morning the boys went out hunting

And I stayed in with the girls and helped prep for the big Gesch family BUNCO night, scheduled around our visit :-)
Witness the best layered dessert i've ever made or eaten. It's way to good not to share in it's full glory.
I call it light, fluffy, chocolately, yummy trifle.

First you layer 1/2 pkg lady fingers (miniature angel food cake treat) then drizzle with 1/4 c milk

then spread 1/4 of a mixture of 2 pkgs devils food chocolate pudding prepared and cream cheese

a 1/4 package of cool whip.

and a layer of 8 crushed oreos

If i was more of a perfectionist, I would have tried to make the layers look nicer, but I think messier taste better in this instance

Repeat layer 4 times, and admire results. (then put in fridge out of sight, and lick spatula and eat oreos to resist digging in prematurely)




Thank you for drooling with me on this Wednesday afternoon.

The birds are drooling too.

We stopped for lunch at a classic Sheboygan diner, Schultz's, for some chili, onion rings, steak sandwiches and burgers

And on our way back we stopped at the thrift store to pick up some crazy gifts for BUNCO night

When we got back, Caitlin and Wil has arrived. I was thrilled to be united with my Caiters and we're so glad they made the 6 hour journey from MI to see us and the Gesches for a couple days.

More card-playing ensued complete with inappropriate references:

real shells for bullet life points

lots of happiness to see friends again:

and a gorgeous sunset

Then it was time for BUNCO!
Which I failed to take any pictures of because I was busy holding someone else's baby and getting all the cuddling out of my system. Alex's family is funny and sweet and we had a blast playing the game, but it was even funnier to see all the gag gifts for the winners!

The next morning we all had to head out after lunch, so we took a lovely winter hike on the Gesch property and discovered an iced over pond



 I looked at this picture and thought I looked so out of place in winter! I don't remember what it's like to bundle up!


throwing things:


Our final destination in WI was Gibbsville Cheese--we couldn't very well leave WI without a taste of it's most famous products!




Goodbye Wisconsin! We miss you, but we'll be back some day.

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