Monday, February 15, 2010

First Married Christmas: celebrating with the in-laws

This post got lost in cyber-space!  It's been waiting to go up since January 2!  Sorry peeps.  
I think I was actually waiting for a certain video of a certain cute wiener dog opening her presents, from a certain younger brother in law...whom I won't mention here :-)

We had a fun Christmas celebration the Saturday before Christmas with Eric's family because we left early the next week to IL to see mine.

Eric's mom and I made a big dinner with turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce--the works and enjoyed it at candle light with champagne...



Then we commenced with opening presents--pookie acted as the baby of the family and kept us all amused.  She knew which was her present and ripped it and shook until she got to her new toy!

Also some very happy news--I got a new camera!  I am so thrilled with it!  Most of the photos you see on the blog from here on out were taken on my new Canon Powershot SD 780 IS.  

After gifts, a new family tradition was started of playing board games during our Christmas celebration (before video games).
After a couple rounds of Fact or Crap, the boys got into the new video games and I cuddled with Pookie on the couch.



Later we broke out some sweet home videos.
It was a fun relaxing evening to kick off our Christmas celebrations!

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