Monday, January 4, 2010

First Married Christmas: A trip to the snowy midwest

I left work a little early on Tuesday to head back "home" to IL

We were both nervous about the weather and delays so we arrived to the airport 2 + hours early.  The early bird adage proved true as we were able to slip on a direct flight that left 1 hr 45 min earlier than our scheduled (and then delayed) flight.  We arrived at 10pm instead of nearly midnight!

And then the family madness began!

Family Christmas photos are pretty generic and boring unless you're in the photos, so for the immediate family...I'll be uploading all the holiday photo to the share site!)
Christmas eve:
We (20-something of us) opened gifts



played games


and participated in the annual grab bag Christmas game (this year's theme was weight related...each gift has to be 2+ pounds!)


some $10 joys


and $10 sorrows


and lots of friendly thieving


It was so good to see my big family again :-)

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