Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Weekending in Tucson

In n out
Tucson airfield
Voyager resort
Dove nest in palm tree
Gram and gramps
Free margarita
Tucson sunset
Blueberry pomegranate choc. Chip ice creamCard playing
Feet on dash

1. In N Out is our road trip fast food joint
2. Air Force airfield in Tucson
3. walking the grounds of Voyager Resort
4. dove who made a nest in the palm tree next to G & G's front porch.
5. grammy and gramps
6, 7, 8. dinner at La Parilla Suiza. Enchiladas sauce got spilled on me, which resulted in  free margarita
9. sunset
10. blueberry pomegranate chocolate chip ice cream--surprisingly amazing!
11. lots of card games were played as usual
12. fourteen hours round trip in the car.

in case you couldn't tell from the photos, Eric and I took advantage of our one free weekend this spring  to visit Grammy and Gramps. We had a blast hanging out with them as usual.

(all photos above take on my new HTC HD7 phone and edited with the photo enhancer app)

To tempt you to visit g & g for yourself, here are some Tucson sunset photos taken on my normal camera:





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