Friday, May 7, 2010

The Dutch Fest

Eric spent a good portion of the weekend finishing up a paper for school, so I was on my own a couple Saturdays ago.  It was the local Christian School's bi-annual dutch fest so I had to check it out!

For those of you Chicago Dutch who haven't had stroopwafels, I have to say it's the one big advantage of the California dutch!

Take a little ball of dough, put it in the cookie iron.
While still hot, immediately cut in half, spread with butter, corn syrup, brown sugar mixture, and put halves together. wipe the edges clean.


Leave with this:

They were selling packs of frozen stroopwafels and making fresh ones right in front of you.  Thankfully I got there early...check out the line just a few minutes later!


Then I stopped to grab a fresh olie bollen (or two)


The CA dutch put apples in them!  I like them much better without.

mmm, greasy, sugary, fried deliciousness

I broswed the shops and stopped by to check out the pies.  I've heard this pie is delicious, but I couldn't bring myself to buy a piece.  What do you think?


I wore blue and orange in honor of my heritage :-)

And that was my morning at the dutch fest.

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  1. I now have a craving for some good authentic dutch sweets! Looks like you had a good time there. Concerning the pie thing.... in my opinion it just does not look appetizing at all. Miss you tons!


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