Wednesday, March 31, 2010


About a month+ ago, Eric's mom asked us if we'd like to go to Tucson to help her celebrate her uncle's 90th birthday.

We left at 6am on a sunny Saturday morning and started driving east.  I've never driven through the desert and I have to say the drive was gorgeous! [despite the rain].  check it out! 




I call this Flooded Desert. Because that's what it is.


On our way in we stopped to pick up Grandma D. from the airport (she flew in from TX) and drove straight to Uncle George and Aunt Dee's.  We hadn't told them we were coming, because Eric's mom thought they would tell her not to come if she told them.

After the big surprise we had a birthday party with a couple of their friends that included take out chinese and apple pie.


The birthday boy


apple pie compliments of our buddy, Marie



I had fun getting to know Uncle George and Aunt Dee in the afternoon.  After a couple hours we headed back to Tucson, where we were planning to spend the evening at The Rodeo


Unfortunately, it was pouring rain.  Just pouring.  It's a weird experience to see puddles in an otherwise dead, dry cactus-full desert!

So instead we vegged at the hotel, stopped for some In 'N' Out and then called up Grammy and Gramps who were still staying in their RV Resort in Tucson.
We headed over to see the Resort, their motor home, and their new park model!

The next morning we visited a local PCA church, and headed back to Uncle George and Aunt Dee's for a KFC lunch and goodbyes.



The drive back was pretty dreary and gross with the rain...except for the moments when the clouds broke



It was a fun little getaway, but next time we head out to Tucson we need to do a little more research on sites to see and things to do.

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