Saturday, September 12, 2009

Labor Day

We had a little shin-dig at our house on Monday (only 1/4 of the guests we had over this week!)
Just 10 friends over for a little barbeque. barbecue.  bbq. [whatever.]

I decided that I love entertaining...because it forces me to do a super clean of the house in a short period of time.  If only I was cleaning like that weekly!  Anyway, now I feel more motivated to do so.

Eric was in charge of grilling, and all the rest of the guys were in charge of supervising the grilling. 

We only lost one burger, and had to replace to propane tank. NO explosions, so we considered it a success.
(L to R: Bill, Tiddo (fixing the problem), Luke, Thomas and Eric)

Our part of the food was easy (meat, beer and margaritas!)--everyone else brought yummy dips, salads and desserts to share.  We ate and chatted around the bonfire, but the night ended early because it was a work/school night.

The ladies:

Dyan, Alieda, Adrienne, and Alicia

 Nice to have a day off of work, and a relaxing evening with friends (even though it was getting a little chilly.  70 degrees!) :-)

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